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Who are we? (or Encyclopedia of Romania) is a non-profit project ran by a team of volunteers who aim to write an electronic, on-line encyclopedia of Romania. Right now the team is made up of a group of young people from various fields of activity and from different parts of Romania. But there is no age limit for the participation in the project.

What is our aim?

We aim to create an encyclopedia of Romania. It is our belief that such a work is of critical importance for the Romanian culture, especially for its internet manifestation. We figured we would better achieve our aim by focusing on Romania-related subject, for a Romanian-speaking community. We do not promote any political, social or other types of currents and ideologies.

Who runs the website?

The site is financed by free donation from its members and excludes the use of publicity. Each year members collect a small amount of money needed for site maintenance.

The website is hosted in Romania and is subject to Romanian law.

How does it work?

The members write the articles on the subjects they choose. Each article needs to have a certain amount of information and to be based exclusively on reliable sources. Only then we publish our articles.

We are not anonymous contributors. Each member presents himself with his/her real name and take responsibility for the content he/she publishes.

Why not Wikipedia?

The core group of the members were active wikipedians. We figured that project was unable to address the issues of accuracy, reliability and responsibility for the content. Yet we borrowed many features from Wikipedia, like the system we run on.


If you wish to contact us, please email us at:

  • enciclopediaromaniei[at]